The Search For The Best Progressive Jackpots

The offer of the world of slots is very varied and allows the player to try their hand at many fantastic themes and win many rich prizes.

However, the slot machines that undoubtedly offer the player the most attractive winning prospects are those equipped with a Progressive Jackpot , we have already explained their operation several times, but we will do it again, repetita iuvant ,

Progressive Jackpot Operation

The player makes two bets:

  • the first is the standard played in which you choose the coin cutting  ( Coin Size ) and pressing the spin button setting in motion the rollers of the slot;
  • the second bet which generally has the amount of the maximum bet allowed by the game ( Max Bet ), instead is used to participate in the extraction of the progressive Jackpot which is activated in a completely random way.
  • if the progressive Jackpot is not activated before the end of the game session, the stake is added to the other non-winning ones, feeding the prize pool of the same.

The choice of slot

Obviously the first operation to be performed is to select from the various slot machines those that are equipped with this particular winning system.

The offer is vast and therefore you can choose the one that best suits you as regards the theme and the operating system.

However, when choosing the slot with the Progressive Jackpot you have to keep in mind two factors:

  • the amount of the maximum bet allowed ( Max Bet );
  • the theoretical percentage of return to the player .

The maximum bet allowed by the game (Max Bet)

In fact, generally to access the Progressive Jackpot the player must necessarily make the side bet, the amount of which is parameterized on the maximum bet allowed by the game ( Max Bet ).

Make your choice carefully because the offer in the sector is very varied, and you can find slots with progressive jackpots that offer ( Max Bet ) of different sizes.

The theoretical percentage of return to the player (Payback)

We have illustrated this very important concept in detail ( Theoretical percentage of return to the player ) and therefore you should have in mind how important it is in every game, but in particular in this very particular slot category.

In fact, the progressive Jackpot is paid out in a completely random way and therefore to increase your chances of winning it is essential to increase your playing time.

Therefore, it is essential to find a slot that offers a rather high theoretical return to the player and therefore allows you to optimize your gaming experience, further guaranteeing the possibility of aspiring to the extraction of the progressive Jackpot.

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