The High / Low count for Blackjack

The card counting system for Blackjack at winbet2u casino online  that we are going to illustrate is the most used: that is the High / Low system.

The main reason why we have chosen to explain how the count works through this game scheme is that the High / Low system allows a faster understanding of the mechanisms that can lead to reducing the edge of the house.

The Score of the Cards in the High / Low system

The High / Low counting system involves giving a score to each of the cards present in the decks with which Blackjack is played. This operation is called Running Count and has the following scores:

  • card score 2 = +1 ;
  • card score 3 = +1 ;
  • card score 4 = +1 ;
  • card score 5 = +1 ;
  • card score 6 = +1 ;
  • card score 7 = 0 ;
  • card score 8 = 0 ;
  • card score 9 = 0 ;
  • card score 10 = 0 ;
  • card score J = -1 ;
  • Q card score = -1 ;
  • card score K = -1 ;
  • card score A = -1 .

From reading this long list it is easy to understand that in a deck there are the same number of cards with positive value and cards with negative value.

In fact the High / Low system, exploiting the two categories (positive / negative), therefore belongs to the set of so-called balanced counting systems. 

The importance of counting

The High / Low system starts from the preliminary consideration according to which the cards ranging from 2 to 6 have a great value for the Bank , because this cards can transform potentially difficult scores (such as 12-16 in which the Bank is obliged to betting and runs the risk of busting), in good hands (17-21).

On the other hand, from the player’s point of view, the Ace is the most favorable card, as it allows for “ Blackjack ”, which pays 3 to 2.

Every time a card with a value between 2 and 6 comes out, 1 point must be added to the count, while instead 1 point is subtracted when an ace or a card with a value of 10 comes out.


The count is gradually updated and when the cards in the shoe decrease , you can begin to calculate the score and make your own game choices based on it.

If the result of the card counting has a value greater than 15, it means that there are still high value cards in the deck and therefore the player will be in an advantage over the house.

In this fundamental moment the player will have to press the accelerator by applying with iron discipline the basic strategy contained in the tables, in order to better manage the doublings and splits .


Ultimately we can say that the Hi / Lo counting system, although very simple, offers the player a tool of fundamental importance to identify the right moment to bet.